Ode to the eccentric Genius

To the one who defies convention in relentless pursuit of the truth.

The quintessential connector, who interlinks everyone with everything in a fellowship of ideas.

The intellectual wayfarer, who searches for answers beyond the bounds of earth.

Ode to the pioneering troubleshooter

To the one who celebrates a problem solved as a triumph over the unknown.

The mind-bending paradigm shifter, for whom the future is not what’s next, but what’s now.

The prolific scribe, who creates, curates, and disseminates ideas that escalate our knowledge.

Our homage to the great Paul Erdős

Whose pioneering pilgrimage gave rise to the computing language that helped us ascend to the cloud.

Who never stopped at conjectures or hypotheses, but always continued on to prove them.

Who bucked tradition to devote his life to the passionate pursuit, and sharing, of truths.

Our thanks

For the knowledge that Paul Erdős shared.

For the way his truths heightened our imaginations—and accelerated possibility.

Our dedication: Erdős the Community

Like the man, Erdős the Community is dedicated to connecting people with truths.

To give IT professionals from around the globe a place to forge links with fellow knowledge pioneers.

To share future-thinking insight, while raising the level of debate around cloud management as it grows and evolves.

The time has come.

For a community of like-minded dreamers and doers.

For those not willing to settle for the status quo, but who demand that we soar above it.

Welcome to Erdős. Cloud life. Elevated.

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